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In Australia, we grow up eating the best quality red meat in the world. Now, we would like to share it with you.

Be transported to the rich, pristine landscapes of Australia with The Great Steak Escape - Family Edition.

Savour the superior quality of Aussie beef and lamb across family-style restaurants, butchers, gourmet grocers, an upscale hotel and more. Plus, stand to win prizes worth over $1,800 with our Steak & Win contest!

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Participate in The Great Steak Escape’s “Steak & Win” contest with over $1,800 worth of prizes to be won!*



Selected butchers, gourmet grocers and meat retailers will be showcasing the very best of Australian beef and lamb with specially curated family bundles. Bring home the delicious taste of Aussie premium quality and put together a home-cooked family meal that the kids will love. All family bundles also come with recipes designed by some of Singapore’s most renowned home cooks!

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At Fyregrill, The Great Steak Masterclass, will be an interactive demo and a tasting where you will be taught to look at a steak's thickness, muscle, fat and connective tissue content to determine how to cook any steak to optimum texture, flavour and doneness. The class will cover reverse searing a thick-cut bone-in ribeye, grilling a striploin steak and even a secondary cut, to show what differentiates various cuts of beef and what techniques to apply to get a golden-crusted, pink and juicy steak, every time!


“Steak-out” at some of the city’s best family-friendly restaurants, which will be serving up creative renditions of beef and lamb dishes for the whole family, in a variety of cuisines. Even the little ones can sample the flavour-packed, nutritional goodness of Australian meats, from their own kids menu.

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The Steak-Away experience is the perfect family trip for meat lovers and an excellent mini-break for the June school holidays.


Find out how you can book yourself in for a one-night getaway at Park Hotel Alexandra.

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For more than 200 years, Australian farmers have been passing their knowledge down from generation to generation, creating a proud meat and livestock industry brimming with tradition. Our world-leading supply chain, together with the advantages of raising animals in an unspoiled environment, has underpinned Australia's reputation for producing some of the highest quality beef and lamb.


We grow up eating the best quality red meat in the world. Now, we want to share it with you.

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