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The Great Steak Escape — QB Food (QB Food Beef Dinner Set).jpg


Purchase a family bundle or spend a minimum of $30 on

Australian Beef & Lamb and stand a chance to

Steak & Win $1,800 worth of prizes

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Since its beginning in 1979, QB Food has grown to become one of Singapore's leading food companies importing high-quality chilled beef and lamb from Australia, as well as cheese, sausages, and frozen meats. They offer great value and a wide range of products.

The Great Steak Escape — QB Food (QB Food Beef Dinner Set).jpg


QB Food Beef Dinner Set

$49.80 (U.P. $71.95)

This set serves four.

  • 4 slices of Australian Chilled Grass Fed Ribeye (approx. 200g per slice)

  • 2 packets of Creamy Mushroom Soup

  • 1 bag of Belgium Nutty Brussel Sprouts

  • 4 bottles of Italian Zesty Fruit Soda

  • 1 box of Japanese Dessert Cheese


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8 Chin Bee Crescent, Singapore 619893

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Monday - Friday: 9am - 6pm

Saturdays: 9am - 1pm

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Pan-Grilled Ribeye with Lemon Onion Sauce

by Oh Bee Bee

A homemaker and mum of two, Bee Bee Oh is a prolific self-taught home chef and baker with a large and loyal following. She enjoys experimenting with new recipes and is among Singapore's most notable local food influencers. Bee Bee tirelessly produces high-quality, family-friendly recipes of both Western and Asian fare and documents them on her blog and social pages. She really is a superwo-mum!

Check out recipe for Pan-Grilled Steak With Lemon Onion Sauce which uses Australian Ribeye from QB Food.



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